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Admit it – sometimes you just want it to stop. Professors to stop bugging you, roommates to stop annoying you, and college life to stop being so hard and start being fun.

We know that feeling, and we would like to tell you it’s going to end. But, alas, that’s how life works for most of us – you get to put up with things you don’t feel like putting up with.

Thanks to the existence of our service, however, you can deal with one thing less! More specifically, you can forget about writing papers. And what’s more, your mark will be taken care of.

Before you do it – please don’t associate us with all those websites where you can pay for essay and download a piece that’s been used and reused multiple times and thus, won’t survive a plagiarism check. is a company that delivers customised writing help from A to Z. Every order is unique to us, so when you pay to write essay, you get top-notch, unique and original work.

Here is how we work:


A customer orders a certain paper from us. It can be an essay or something bigger – depends on their needs. The order is placed using the ordering form where you can provide all the required details.


Once your order has been submitted and paid for, we start looking for an appropriate writer. Since you don’t just pay for papers that have been already used, we have an in-house selection of writers that are available 24/7.


Once your writer and the order have “clicked”, the writing magic begins. The process is not really different, whether you pay someone to write essay or do it yourself. It starts with research, continues with the formulation of thesis, and proceeds to actual drafting and editing.


Once the paper is finished and checked for originality, we send it to you for approval. If it meets your criteria – great, we did a good job. If you want to do a few tweaks – we’ll do it for free.

The process is fine-tuned and designed to provide the smoothest experience of using our service. Try it out – you won’t regret it.

Is it expensive, to pay someone to write my paper?

The price of your order will depend greatly on all the details. Of course, if you want to pay someone to write a paper in just a few hours, it will cost you dearly – that’s why we encourage our clients to order their papers in advance.

However, since we are a big network, we can afford to give out discounts – and the prices are already not so high! In other words, when you come to pay for research paper, it won’t cost you as much as you might’ve expected. Customize your order switching off unnecessary services, and the price will go down!

More specifically, how much you’ll have to pay for an essay at will depend on:

  • Paper size
  • Difficulty level
  • Urgency
  • Quality standard

Here are some other price-related questions our customers ask:

“Is it cheaper to pay someone to write my research paper, if the writer is not a professional?”

Yes, it might be a little cheaper. But! You have to always remember – nothing good comes cheap. So, are you willing to risk the success of your paper?

“What discounts do you have?”

We have a first-order discount and occasional promotions for holidays.

“When I pay someone to write my paper, will I be able to communicate with them?”

Absolutely! We facilitate and encourage writer-client communication to achieve the best result.

“Do you have a referral program?”

Yes, we do! Bring friends and get a discount!

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