Who We Are and What We Can Do For You

We want our customers to make an informed decision when they’re vesting their hopes in us, so we’d like to tell you more about our company. It all started a couple of years ago…

…When a few people, fresh after college, teamed up to provide help to their fellow students. They knew how difficult it was to juggle work and classes, and so they wanted to make it a little easier. The custom writing help service was an obvious choice.

Enough with the lyrical asides, though. Today, we are a full-grown network with a significant number of in-house writers that can make every paper design come true.

Our writers are:

  • Former teachers and professors
  • Journalists
  • Fiction writers
  • Subject field experts

As you can see, subject experts is the only exception from the general “writes professionally” requirement. However, the help of subject experts is only used for technical assignments – there are virtually no professional writers that can handle such complicated topics. That’s why, for assignments on programming we take programmers, for assignments on engineering we take engineers, and so on.

Our main policies are:

  • Interacting with customers until they are satisfied. That’s why we have free revisions and all other benefits that significantly improve the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Respect and support. Both our writers and, most importantly, customers are treated as partners. We respect your choices and do everything to meet your expectations.
  • The best price to quality ratio. We constantly monitor our competitors and for now, we are quite sure there is no company on the market that can provide better or even the same level of quality at a lower price.

What we do for our customers

Diversity and integrity are our two main concerns. That’s why we have defined the following directions for providing help to our customers:

  • Writing academic papers from scratch. You provide the specifications, and we work in line with them.
  • Improving the writing you submit. This section includes editing, proofreading, formatting and paraphrasing.
  • Giving consults. At any given time you can give us a call and we will provide you with all the information you might need.

One more thing we’d like to emphasise: our company puts your needs first, even before the needs of our veteran writers. You want a specific writer? Check. Need a top-rated writer? No problem! Want to personally control the writing process? You have it!

Don’t hesitate to voice your concerns or wishes – we do everything to satisfy every customer and improve the level of our services. So, if you ask us for something – consider it done.

Hopefully, this page answered some of your questions about our company. Be sure to check out the others!